Goals for the Day: Wed. Oct. 7

Intro to Art: Using Line to Create Three Dimensional Objects

Notice the way the “string” wraps around the individual fingers. How is this different than when the hand is laying flat?
  1. Demonstrate your drawing skills by applying various characteristics of LINE by following a demonstration.
  2. Apply comprehension skills for understanding qualities and characteristics of LINE by explaining to each other various examples of LINE

Yesterday, we spent some time focusing on adding/using LINE to create the appearance of three dimensions.  Today will will practice these techniques again using some basic geometric forms.  The main take away (goal) from today’s class is being able to see where the movement of your eye goes when looking at an organic form.  #contourline #crosscontour

Painting 1: Abstract Color Theory Composition

  1. Apply your comprehension and watercolor skills for developing a personal piece of artwork by following the steps outlined in your per-painting.

Today, I’d like you to focus on this form, and start to think about what your ARTIST STATEMENT will say about the work you’ve been spending the last 10 days on.  Take a look at the format of the statement, and think about what the most important characteristics are of your painting.

How will you decide to communicate your GOALS for the piece with the viewer in the most straight forward manner?

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Ceramics 1: Using BALANCE and SYMMETRY in design

  1. Apply your  comprehension skills for BALANCE and SYMMETRY by creating a DIA DE MUERTOS design

Over the next few days, each class will be working on the construction of their Dia De Muertos skulls.  Pay close attention to the requirements outlined in the HELP FOLDER, and make sure that the choices you are making fit not only those requirements, but the plan that you came up with.

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